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AMERICA ONLINE CENTER: The New Mexico America Online Complex consists of a 65,000sf AOL Regional Call Center with a 30,000 office annex. The Call Center includes and Training Facilities, Customer Service and Technical Assistance as well as a Human Resources Department , Fitness Room and Cafeteria. The Center operates 24-7 with three daily shifts.

CONTEXTUAL DESIGN / NATURAL BEAUTY: Reflecting New Mexico's blue skies and images of the Sandia Mountains to the East was the first architectural concept. This was achieved through the use of bluegreen reflective glass and changing the position of the reflective surface to provide scale and rhythm.

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CONTEXTUAL DESIGN / ORGANIC FLUIDITY: The second theme was an undulating building skin to harmonize with the very "ungrid" - mostly winding - nature of Jefferson Street and it's fast and sweeping traffic flow. The buildings break out of boxy convention into organic fluidity.

LOCATION: Located at 6301-6401 Jefferson Street NE, Albuquerque,NM, the center is situated in the most dynamic corridor of the City along Inters tate 25.

BUILDING CONCEPT: The call center floor is configured as two wings in an "L" along a curving glass wall with views of the Sandia Mountains to the East . This arrangement allows for efficient circulation along the perimeter and for a human scale interior space where rectilinear organization is juxtaposed to fluid curving skin.

ENERGY CONSERVATION / DAYLIGHTING AND HUMAN SCALE: The building util izes high performance reflecting glass to reduce solar load and heat loss. The office is designed to allow maximum daylight contribution to the call center floor.

ENTRANCES/SECURITY: Opposite East and West main entrances with security stations feed into the Call Center floor from building parking areas.

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